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Your initial appointment with Dr Girardi will be at one of the practice location rooms. The consultation will be at or as close as possible to the appointed time. Occasionally an emergency or pressing matter may cause a delay in our schedule and as a busy practice we do apologise for any delay.


At the appointment you will meet Dr Girardi and have an opportunity to talk about your concerns. You will also have the opportunity to discuss with Dr Girardi the surgical procedure, possible alternatives, and complications that may arise from surgery.


Photos and diagrams of the procedure you are requiring and or contemplating will be available for viewing.  Alternative procedures and literature of these options are available for you to take away that provide information that Dr Girardi has detailed throughout the consultation.


You will be given as much time as required and Dr Girardi provides this information in a simple easy-to-understand reassurring approach.  



Physical Assessments


Your appointment will involve a physical assessment and it is important you wear clothes that you feel are comfortable.


For facial skin assessments it is best to not wear make up.


For breast examinations it will be necessary to examine your upper body without clothing and for lower body assessement it is preferable you wear undergarments that you feel are comfortable.