Breast Reduction Surgery in Sydney

Breast reduction surgery is for patients who wish to reduce the size of their breasts or for those who have troublesome breasts. The operation is different from a mastopexy as it involves removing excess breast tissue and skin with the option of repositioning the nipple to a more ideal position.

Women choose to have a breast reduction for many reasons. The most debilitating reason is that they are suffering the effects of having large, heavy breasts. These women will report back pain, neck aches, shoulder pain and headaches. The transition before and after breast reduction is quite significant – the ability to stand straight and move easily during exercise are simple luxuries that women with large breasts can look forward to after breast reduction surgery.

Dr Girardi's patients report high satisfaction rates after undergoing this surgery. It is one of the most gratifying surgical procedures for both patients and breast reduction surgeons.


Suitable patients for breast reduction

Patients who are symptomatic from the weight of their breasts, in good general health, and do not smoke, are suitable candidates for a breast reduction. Smoking can have a detrimental effect on the micro-circulation in the breast as nicotine can constrict (narrow) blood vessels. During a breast reduction, the nipple is moved to a more ideal position and its survival is dependent on blood supply through the remaining breast tissue into the nipple. This blood supply can be compromised in smokers causing the risk of nipple necrosis and loss. Wound healing problems in general is significantly higher in smokers therefore it is advised that smoking be ceased at least 6 weeks prior to breast surgery to allow the vessels to return to a healthier state. It is also recommended to refrain from smoking 6 weeks after surgery to allow for wound healing.

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