Why Choose Dr. Peter A Girardi For Your Procedure?

Choosing the right surgeon for a procedure of any kind can be a daunting task. Understandably, you want someone experienced and skilled, but other factors are also important. Compassion, care, and a kind bedside manner are key. For many of us, price is a crucial factor, too. Most of us don’t have huge sums of money to spend even on important medical procedures, so finding a great surgeon who also suits your budget is vital.

Fortunately, Dr. Girardi offers his patients years of experience, plenty of pre and post-operative care, as well as a fair and reasonable pricing structure that always leads to positive results. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for a good price.


What Procedures Does Dr. Girardi Offer?

Many surgeons who move into cosmetic surgery choose to move away from medical procedures to focus purely on cosmetic work. Dr. Girardi is not among those – he has a wide range of expertise in breast and thyroid surgery that caters to those who wish to alter their appearance as well as those who urgently need life-changing operations.

If you have received a cancer diagnosis and have been referred to undergo surgery in order to remove the cancer and improve your chances at a positive prognosis, Dr. Girardi has all the experience you need to take charge of your condition and move in the right direction. He is an expert in both breast and thyroid cancer procedures, as well as the removal of cancerous skin cells. Dr. Girardi is also one of the few surgeons in the country skilled enough to carry out oncoplastic surgery, a procedure that allows him to remove tumours and treat cancer while also preserving and reconstructing breast tissue to lessen the psychological impact of your cancer treatment.

If you have already undergone breast cancer surgery and treatment and are experiencing discomfort with the results, Dr. Girardi also offers augmentation and breast reshaping procedures that can restore your breasts to their original size and shape, granting you newfound peace of mind.

Choose The Expert

At the time of his graduation, Dr. Girardi was the youngest ever graduate from Adelaide Medical School. He went on to complete surgical training and postgraduate training in Sydney, specialising in diseases of the thyroid and breast and surgical oncology. He has an international reputation as one of the leading surgeons in his field, as well as a positive and relaxing approach that has led to countless positive testimonials from happy patients.